The Sisterhood

Charity and sisterhood

Sisterhood SA’s Boxers and Garters Party

Down a dimly lit alley, in a dark underground boxing club, guests arrived to a welcome Tequila Spanker and were ushered in to find a sexy playground of fun.  Lingerie entwined with pink ribbons and fairy lights adorned the ceiling… hanging boxing bags were perfect to peep out from behind…. and with a mandatory dress code of Boxers and Garters it is fair to say that the guests themselves decorated the venue magnificently.

After the boys boxed and certainly caught the attention of the crowds, it was time for the girls to show them how it was done. Sister Barlodien and Kate fought with everything they had and danced like butterflies while they stung like bees.

Ring Sister Bianca



The next entertainment I think is safe to say was not missed by a single pair of eyes at the party… our very own Sisters Danni, Clare, Gabby and Jules in nothing but itsy-bitsy-teeny-weeny outfits oil wrestled each other to the delight of many a man and probably lady too.

Misbehaving guests and enthusiastic experimenters made sure the girls in charge of the naughty corner rack had many an eye to blindfold, hand to bind and bottom to spank. Tequila spanker shots were a plently, ropes were climbed to the ceiling and the ring became a wild dance floor in the mayhem.

And besides all the fun that was had, we also raised awareness for our upcoming Moonlight Marathon walk and enough money to provide a two mastectomies to ladies diagnosed with aggressive breast cancer and on a long waiting list for their life saving surgery.


November 2012