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Bosphorus Swim, Istanbul

The 2011 Swim

This was the first event that officially Sisterhood UK and Sisterhood SA have competed in together! Woohoo for world domination!….

This is how SA Sister Kirsty viewed the day…

If we could have a penny every time a fellow competitor did a double take when our entourage of Sisterhood Swimmers walked past, we’d raise millions for our charity. I’d like to think they were admiring our svelte athletic figures sporting Swetty Betty cozzies, but perhaps their attention was caught by our Sisterwoods  bright “Budgie Smuggling” speedo’s. Whatever the reason for the gazes, people took note of our annual appearance at the race.

In preparing for the event, some of our swimmers braved high levels of “the dangerous algae” in the Serpentine while others graced the harbour club spa pool as guests of Al and A week before the event 9 Sisters and one particularly lucky Wood chartered a catamaran around the Turkish coast in order to “acclimatise to the local swimming conditions”. Here we strength trained hoisting sails, stretched out our stroke in crystal clear waters and rested our bodies on the trampoline.                                                                                                                                                                                                  IMG_6314


The actual 6.5km Asia to Europe race was rather hellish this year. Choppy water, stronger fighting currents and a more tactical finish route saw to it that we had to work hard for the daiquiris at the end. As always, we made our way to respectable scoreboard victory with one Sister cracking a top ten post in her category and a Wood in top 20. The rest followed close behind.



Celebrations as always were a test of endurance. That party will always be remembered as an adventure in itself… Synchronised costume swopping in the middle of 360 pool, rose fuelled table dancing and a dinner fit for the hero’s we felt like. What fun!

The 2010 Swim

On July 18th a mixed group of sisterhood and sisterwood members bravely went where many a hairy turkish man has gone before and took on the 6.5km swim from Asia to Europe across the Bosphorus Strait

The group obviously nailed it with Will the Eel Ellis a new wood recruit coming 25th out of 800 in a time of 52 minutes closely followed by Kirsty and Emma in 59 minutes just sliding in to finish under the hour. The perfect hood balance was maintained with an hour of exercise followed by 12 hours drinking hosted by sisterhood groupie Sascha Khans island club 360

Huge thank you to SWEATY BETTY for supplying our streamlined team swim suits, its safe to say we looked Hot!

The 2009 Swim

So there we were one boiling july day in Istanbul standing on the Asian bank of the Bosphorus Strait surrounded by really hairy turkish men in speedos wondering how we actually got there.

Having spent months of gruelling training in Hyde Parks Serpentine dodging irate swans and territorial ducks whilst trying not to swallow any of the duck poo and pond scum we were finally ready to accept the Sisterhoods 2009 mission of swimming from Asia to Europe- 6.5km across the Bosphorus Strait.

In our stunt logo’d up swimming costumes courtesy of our sponsors Sweaty Betty and Lomax PT we launched off the pier trying to avoid the flaying arms of the 750 fellow swimmers.   Apart from nearly being drowned by the Blue Peter helicopter at the start which got a little too close to the water tearing it up in the process all the hood swimmers nailed the 6.5km  with the majority of them coming in the top 10 of their age groups in times ranging from 1hr 13mins to 1hr 35mins

We will be returning next year to compete in the swim again and take those turks down.  For all the photos see the swimming photo gallery page