The Sisterhood

Charity and sisterhood


Walking a Marathon by Moonlight in Pink Flashy Bras!

As we drove to the start, the sun set before us with a fiery explosion.

This was never going to be an ordinary night….

Start: Slangkop Lighthouse, Kommetjie, 10pm!

In a last minute flurry we decorated Alon’s minibus support car with signs, flashing fairy lights, wired up bras and lots of bright pink ribbon bows. We organised our supplies, pulled tight our laces, threw our T-shirts in a heap, plumped up our racy bras and hit the road at pace. There was no time for wasting and it was now our turn to light up the road!







What a stir we caused right from the start! Kommetjie locals hearing our festive tunes and tempted with our flashy bobbing hips ran out there homes to find out what these crazy girls were doing. We sped past the informal settlement and opened stride as street lights disappeared and the road opened wide. Our first biggest fans were a couple of teenage boys… having snuck out the house to go to a party, they were now trying to walk the 5km home before their parents discovered them. They looked a little nervous taking us un to start but as our tunes became cooler soon they were leading us along the streets of Noordhoek laughing “our friends are never gonna believe we walked with girls in there bra’s..”

Next was the most majestic traverse of Chapmans Peak. It was amazing how easy it was to walk when you are inspired by beautiful friends around you and distracted by the liquid ink ocean rolling in its own rhythm. After a fun photo shoot by the fabulous Trevor Wilkins and his equally Super Sidekick Sally where we dared all to bare all!! we were soon heading for the half way mark! 21km down and all firing strong…..











The next half was a less simple adventure. By now legs began to ache and we started to compare the tweaks and the rubs. A little more attention to chocolate and a head down approach was what got us to the top of the “next big thing”: Suikerbossie. Coming down the other side was not much easier either! But from now on we started to be joined by fresh feet and faces! Girls not available to walk from the start started to step in line bringing with them so much energy and support that our mere aches and pains were shelved at the sight.

On and on we went…. with brains in our heads and feet in our shoes, we could steer ourselves in any direction we’d choose! Oh, the places we did go! ….. Llundudno, Clifton and on to Sea Point…. until you heard the “Whoops” : we had seen Moullie Point!

Like racehorses steered towards their stable, up went the pace! Up went the tunes and there was wild flashing of film! Last corner and we had done it! Woohoo!









Finish point: Moullie Point Lighthouse 43 km later! 6:30am

Then to Vida to celebrate!

No possible without….. the support crew, coach Marty in his signature fishnets, the enthusiastic photographers Trevor and Sally, those that came to show support, the smell of the sponsored Vida coffee at the end! THANK YOU!

But why??? you ask, are you girls marching a marathon in little but flashy bras??….. The 15 strong Sisterhood crew were inspired to raise money and awareness for an excellent breast cancer related charity programme. PROJECT FLAMINGO helps provide mastectomies to women who have aggressive breast cancer and who’s lives depend on timeous operations. Sadly they could have to wait up to 3 months for a procedure the rest of us would book in to have the following day. This project works with the excellent oncology clinic at Groote Schuur to provide extra surgeries after hours and on weekends to shorten the waiting list and literally save lives. The Sisterhood raised enough money in this challenge for 6 ladies to have their surgeries in the first week of January 2013. We wish them the best or their recovery.