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Eton Supersprint – 19th May – Georgie Sayle reports on her first ever triathlon…

Saturday morning – 6am…I have the fear.  Will I get smacked in the face and have my nose broken in the swim?  Will anyone notice if some 10 tonne hessy swims over me and I never surface again?  Will my boyfriend ever forgive me if I fly off his incredibly expensive road bike?  Can I ever show my face again if my legs fail me half way round the run…?

With all that ringing through my head I set off in convoy to Dorney Lake to undertake my first ever triathlon – ok so its only a mini triathlon but to me it felt like I was attempting to climb Everest – 5 times in a row!

Not having a clue what to do when I got there I stuck to Emma’s (big sis, finely tuned athlete and exercise maestro) side like glue.  Registered, bike in transition, trainers laid out, few sips of powdered up drink (anything to give me an extra push…) and then we set off…

The water was flippin freezing, I realised that half of the female population of tris are incapable of swimming in a straight line but I survived, came out half way up the pack and pegged it off on the bike.

Battling against gale force winds I absolutely loved the ride (helped by my ever so expensive bike).  4 laps later and the fear returned – I’m an awful runner and was going into the race with a bruised foot.  As I predicted it hurt like hell but crossing the finish line cheered on by the other girls was brilliant.  Although the distance was small to some, for me it was the personal achievement of proving to myself I could do it and also that doing it alongside the other girls helped push me that little bit more.

To Em, Bean, AL, Nats and Laurella – you’re all legends…

Am now off to hospital to get my foot x-rayed with a suspected stress fracture…when’s the next race!