The Sisterhood

Charity and sisterhood


The Sisterhood has reached South African shores where an elite cell where young ladies will bear all, conquer adventures and raise funds for a local charity.

The Sisterhood have set up a new playground in Cape Town...

The Sisterhood have set up a new playground in Cape Town...

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After nearly a decade in the UK the thing Kirsty Williams found hardest to leave behind was The Sisterhood. Emma’s solution was simple – “Just start Cape Town branch then!”.

A few years ago she challenged herself to say “Yes!” to every adventure. This flippant resolution has seen her swimming icy shark infested waters, snowboarding off piste at pace, paddling across oceans, adventure racing across countries and rollerblading in traffic. She has a penchant for pole dancing and will wager pretty much anything over a game of backgammon. Physiotherapist by day, red wine drinker by night and always, yes always, up for a starlit skinny dip.

tiff cut

Sister Tiffany Rademeyer is sometimes blond, sometimes brunette and has a pair of pins that slows traffic. Bravely leaving convention behind she is on a path to follow her passion for fashion. She is the designer of an exciting clothing and particularly sexy swimwear line on the verge taking both local and international markets by storm. She too is a “yes” girl and I pity the poor fellow brave enough to challenge her in a muddy adventure race. Sometimes naughty, always nice, Tiff is also well known for throwing the best pool parties in Cape Town.


Sister Lucia Brain is a child of the world and has the persona to embrace where she is at the time…from a travelling hippy in South America, to partying student in Australia, French maid in Paris (possibly for the outfit), to business woman in Spain and London… and now loyal hood member on home soil. A typical Gemini, she has been described as both a serene goddess and wild party animal by the same person. She is an artist and a linguist, with an inane gift for all of sports and a flair for fancy dress – who better to organise our local hood parties than our super cool, no drama, Bella Lucia

megan and stu

South Africa is all the better now Sister Megan Abbott has returned from London. She jumped a few ladders in the corporate finance industry while abroad and has returned to her homeland to manage our assets. Always turned out to perfection, Megs firmly believes life is too short to drink inferior wine. She loves trail walking in the mountains and socialising in a hot LBD almost as much as visiting the vinyards to taste their offerings. At home she has a secret passion for a good novel and is a modest miracle worker in the kitchen.

Kate 3 (1)

Sister Kate Stannard delights in the ridiculous and is a gregarious and feminine rose amongst the stiff suits in the finance industry. Growing up on a farm in the misty midlands inspired her love of climbing mountains in Africa; clambering up volcanoes in Rwanda to traversing Table Mountain feeds the soil in her soul. She has an equal appreciation of Earl Grey tea in bone china cups as she does of whisky in crystal glass. She is also a water baby with an ardour for surfing, and a fondness of night swimming after evenings of  dancing and revelry!


Sister Amanda Bullmore is a professional city girl by day but when business closes she switches her slim pencil skirt and heels for leggings and a pair of trainers and takes to the road. This sporty sister discovered her talent for running during her decade on mud island and we have decided she would make the perfect New Balance advert. It could start with shots of her running through crowds at the london marathon, competing against the backdrop of numerous stunning Europeans cities, pounding along our promanade, sprinting the length of sandy beaches and stretching out her stride under winter morning stars before work. When asked her favourite adventure to date she was torn between trecking the Amazon, the epic Machu Picchu, paragliding over Peru or surfing Costa Rican waves. This leggy blond is the perfect adventure seeker!… and still finds time for a Cosmopolitan or two at sunset.

emma charter

Sister Emma Gallo – the baby of the group is a lawyer by trade but has bravely left the corporate world in search of her undiscovered life’s passion…watch this space! Having danced most of her life she is always up to slip into a party dress and hit the dance floor with good friends and a flowing supply of bubbles! To keep body beautiful, she loves to run, and starts most mornings with a vigorous trot along the promenade. A devoted collector of Vogue Magazine and a lover of beautiful things…this little sister is house proud, entertains with flair and knows the secret to the perfect cup of tea.

Sister Louise Van Niekerk (aka Epoxy Jane) equates herself to a French Cat. She doesn’t do mornings, develops and attitude problem when boxed in and regards freedom of movement as priceless. She operates professionally from a point of view that “Comfort is the Ultimate in Luxury” and makes a concerted effort to surround herself, friends, family and clients with beautiful, albeit practical style items that keep them warm, fed, rested and comfy. In fact, her Earl Jones Lifestyle brand specializes in the design and manufacture of classic, authentic style items – timeless basics as it were.

She loves the way life has a way of unfolding and believes one should “roll with it” to a certain degree – enjoy living “for the moment”. On the Boy front: “… timing is everything and real men go for what they want. So, Girls, sit back, relax and enjoy the journey…”


Sister Frances Trahar. This blonde boho beauty straddles two continents with confidence.  With trademark double dimples, she is just as easily spotted sailing a dhow in East Africa as sipping champagne at the opera.  With a passion for fashion and a creative flair, one would never guess that this sister is collecting yet another degree…this time in law, no less.

bianca 1

Sister Bianca Uliana walked straight out of her London City suits and boots and into Cape Town casual. Gone are the days of grey as she has entered the world of the green revolution! This sister loves a challenge and will be seen flirting her biggest smile skiing and ‘schnapps’ing’ down a mountain or flying across the Langebaan Lagoon kite-boarding.  Known for her signature red lips and never shy of a bit sparkle, never say ‘never’ to this high-spirited sister.

bianca l

Sister Bianca Lindemann may be a foreigner but she’s no outsider – an A team player when it counts and especially for her sisters! A recent arrival from the shores of Lake Geneva and originally from Hamburg she followed her love to lovely Cape Town. When not 30 meters under the surface or swimming through it, you’ll find her on dry land and ‘in the drink’! And with a passion for all things liquid it seemed only logical to start paddling on the surface. With all the water in the world it seems only sensible to pursue a career in shipping where she currently earns her Springbokkie allowance.

Cate Band

Sister Cate Band: Hops and barley are firmly entrenched in this sister’s vocabulary. Her passion for the Brewery she calls “the office” has given her an appreciation of the fine beverages they produce. She is resolutely loyal to her brand, though  at times fine bubbly can make her waiver! A natural entertainer with a love for cooking, she always welcome’s friends into her home. Hailing from balmy Natal, she has tested all of our majors cities and finally settled in the one with the breathtaking mountain backdrop. A water baby from birth, Cate spent a great deal of her early years sailing and recently traded in rigging for a paddle!


Sister Brenna Excell has been dragon boating in SA for years and has shown all the newbies how it is all done. She is as equally at home on the top of a mountain as she is sipping a glass of fine red wine. Her passion for adventure and tasting the unknown has found her hiking up Kilimanjaro, trekking Torres del Paine in Chile and climbing the cliffs of Tonsai in Thailand. A casual girl at heart, she has been known to throw on a pair of heels and glam up for a night on the town… and yes, she is as fiery as her red hair would suggest.

laura small

Sister Laura Swart Over 4 years ago, Sister Laura Barker decided to leave her home shores of the UK  and seek her future in the warmer SA climate.. Now Mrs Laura Swart and running corporate awards ceremonies across all sectors, she is determined to grasp every opportunity with both hands – unless they are cradling a glass of sauvignon blanc!




  Coach Martin Poole: Our delightful and most loved coach, has a mind of lightning and nuttiness. His wit and repertoire abound and flash like a beacon on the boat. He has a love of all things bubbly and a knack of naming. Whilst his mind sometimes strays to murkier waters: talk of “red-tube” spurts forth and has he us all regularly chanting “Deep, deeper and deepest. Long, longer, longest. Long and deep – ten!” whilst paddling. He is a heart and one of the kindest, most beautiful men we know.


Sister Esme Narun is our strong-willed Dragon Boater who has proven that she can achieve anything she sets her mind to.  After winning her fight against breast-cancer she joined the Amabele Belles Dragon Boating Team (all fellow breast cancer survivors) and later went on to represent South Africa at the Dragon Boat Champs in Prague.  She is also a keen runner and trained fitness instructor who is never scared to take on new challenges; the latest of which is Archery.  While her intensely competitive nature has allowed her to achieve amazing sporting success, her added strength is that she is a true team player, ready to encourage, motivate and cheer as well as to celebrate the successes of all those with whom she competes.

Jessica Cash

When Sister Jess Cash asked a best friend to write her bio, this is how she was described…“Jess is a dynamic figure, often seen scaling walls and crushing ice. She has been known to remodel train stations on her lunch breaks, making them more efficient in the area of heat retention. Occasionally she treads water for three days in a row. She can also woo men with her sensuous trombone playing. She can pilot bicycles up severe inclines with unflagging speed, and cook Thirty-Minute Brownies in twenty minutes. She is an expert in stucco, a veteran in love, and an outlaw in Peru” We are not sure who is nuttier – the friend who wrote this or Jess herself.

Never missing a moment of this beautiful city she calls home, Sister Clé Latouf spends every day as if it is her last. She is often climbing lions head for a sunrise or out and about with friends.  Her adventurous spirit has made sure this blondy has had a taste of another world.. Her love for massage led her to work as Louis Hamiltons personal massage therapist on the McClarens private yacht in the Med. She has also spent most of a year exploring the East – she has been humbled in Angkor Wat, sweated it out on the summits of Nepal, discovered remote islands in Thailand and sipped champagne in the skyscrapers of Tokyo.  Her successful Kids agency in CT is new off the ground but creating quite a buzz! Beauty, brains and proverbial balls makes Clé a sensational Sister!

Sister Helen Benish is a mother of 3 daughters, travel agent with own company called Kingsley Africa, organizes awesome travels in Africa, loves all sports, people, cultures. Shes an intrepid traveller, lived in Italy, France and Swizerland and for now, shes in Cape Town….up for all manner of enjoying life!


Sister Juliet Curtis is one of the newer members of the Sisterhood family. This blonde English fun-pack spends her days fundraising for her passion project – a preschool in Khayelitsha, and her evenings trying something different and active each day – ultimate Frisbee, salsa, Ceroc, Volleyball and Paddling for starters. After deciding 2012 would be a “Year of Action”, she realized it could be started in no better way than joining other adventurous soul Sisters and stretching herself to the limit. She has committed “Challenge 1 – The Sisterhood 3 Peaks Challenge – Check! Challenge 2 – Robben Island Dragon Boat Paddle – eek!!! Challenge 3 – X Man Challenge – Oh what have I let myself in for??”


Sister Georgina Avlonitis  Otherwise known as Gigi- a 6ft environmentalist whose heart beats for Africa. She has a burning passion for the outdoors, a penchant for red wine, getting her hands dirty, cooking up Greek storms in the kitchen and walking the soles off her shoes. Her blistering endeavours have included trekking 444km on foot through Spain, 250 km along Turkey’s Lycian coastline and along Hadrian’s Wall in the UK. Gigi’s passion for ‘trapping’ up a storm finally brought her to the Mother City where she took up residence amongst the fynbos in gorgeous Kalk Bay. To earn a crust in the name of nature and wanderlust, she finished up her Masters degree and now works for the ICLEI Global Cities Biodiversity Centre. She is known to howl at the full moon, speak in a flawless thick Russian accent when she wants her way at the bar and can touch her nose with her tongue. Hopa!

Sister Juliette Ball (Julz) is passionate about anything outdoors and to do with the ocean! If she could live on the beach and SUP or surf all day she would. This cute blond is not to be challenged lightly. She has swam in a team around the Cape Peninsular for 36hrs. Sport is not her only passion; helping those in need is also close to her heart.  Using sport as a medium to do so sets this girl apart from other Marketing and Events Managers. She runs her own NGO called Development Through Sport which focuses on getting kids out of their usual environment and learn basic life skills including swimming, stand up paddling or lifesaving techniques. When she is not doing this she is enjoying many sips of champagne and gorgeous sunsets on her deck at home in Hout Bay!



Sister Elsa M arrived from the land of the most beautiful beaches, diving spots, great fish and endless sun, Mozambican Sister Elsa adds to our international diversity. Her profession is to command the captains of the biggest container vessels on our seven oceans – she tells them where to go and how fast to do it. This job keeps her super busy but she still finds time to enjoy day tripping around the Mother City and venture out to many a wine farm. Watch out!!! Inside of this cute, sweet and generous Sister sleeps a roaring lion. If ever released bear in mind a glass of pink bubbles will always tame her.


Sister Caren Robb is usually found wowing corporate executives with her financial prowess and business acumen. But when she clips closed her laptop and struts out through those automated doors, this sister can be found pounding the pavement jogging around Vredehoek or climbing Lions Head. Never without her red heels and lips, Caren’s adventures include a high-flying stint working in the financial centre of London, a few dark (but hot!) winters in Sweden, as well as visiting the beaches of Thailand, casbahs of Morocco and tropical forests of South America. Look out for her on a deck overlooking the City Bowl, admiring the city lights with pink champagne in hand.


Sister Geraldine Anderson spends her days as the sales and marketing exec for a financial services company specializing in business funding, but she’d far rather be trekking through the bush looking for exotic birds! When she’s not at the office you’ll find her either in the gym, running her Jack Russells on Noordhoek beach, or playing co-pilot for her man on trips up north to the bushveld. Her travels have taken her to the islands of the Andaman Sea, deserts of Rajasthan in India, Great Barrier Reef in Australia and skiing the slops of the Austrian Alps – but her heart always brings her home to her beloved Africa. At home this sister loves a good glass of Shiraz and the company of her loved ones while enjoying the spectacular Atlantic sunsets.


Sister Stacey Bonetti is a newby to our Rainbow Nation. Home till now has been Pittsburgh, PA in the USofA. She holds her own in the male orientated world of operations in a shipping company and isn’t shy to have her say. She enjoys snowboarding, waterskiing, running, hiking, spinning and her new passion is paddling with the Hood. She shares a common passion for travel with the sisters. This blondie has been spotted on a wine farm or few in the past few months!


Sisters Alex and Kate Mullord