The Sisterhood

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The Sisters

Sister Emma Sayle is the fearless leader of this merry band of girls. She is the brains and brawn behind a very successful company in the upmarket adult industry Killing Kittens, has launched The Sisterhood Club and is an ambassador for Striders edge and N.Peal. When not pursuing world domination in the business world she can be found covered in mud, attempting to surf, on a speedboat, breaking squash rackets on walls, playing dirty in triathlons, practicing her front crawl naked in the serpentine after a night out, competing in the worlds toughest footrace – the Marathon des Sables, climbing kilamanjaro for fun or just generally dominating the world at pace

Sister Amy Sharpe the hood Sandra Bullock lookalike is officially ‘superstroke’ and a water babe. Having spent the last 8 years rowing up and down the Thames, she turned her attention to the sport of ‘going forwards’ (or Dragon Boating). As Stroke, the subtle nuances of ‘rhythm and timing’ are not lost on our Ames as she secretly dreams of being on Strictly Come Dancing. Having found some like minded rowing Sisters she stepped back into a rowing boat and her ‘going backwards days’ have been revived by trips to the Cornish coast for fun in the surf and races at Henley! Her proper job is marketing luxury property and golf resorts in Italy, although its not half as fun as helping Emma run The Sisterhood!

Sister Catherine Loveless – was a professional dancer with the Dusseldorf Ballet and English National Ballet, then after a back injury took to the skies as an air hostess. Following a degree in English and Journalism she turned her hand to writing as a features journalist on health magazines. Catherine can currently be found dashing between teaching at The Ballet School in Notting Hill and being the backroom beauty of The Altitude Centre (for all your acclimatisation needs!)

Sister Natalie Morgan is an international model and the face of Tesco washing powder! But far from demanding at least £10,000 before getting out of bed, she has a beautiful humility that see’s her happy to grace the cover of ‘Simply Knitting’ – the Vogue equivalent for the knitting world! There are brains behind this beauty too – Nats has a BSc in Physiology and Anatomical Science and a Diploma in Business Management. Beauty and brains…lucky girl!

Sister Jo Rogers is Head of Creative Affairs at film outfit Scion Films. She selects films for investment funding, and oversees their creative development and production. Recent Scion blockbusters include The Constant Gardener, Atonement, Becoming Jane and the smash hit Bean II. She is also developing a slate of her own movies. Regular trips to LA and Cannes keep our Jo in the social scene that she is accustomed to. Scion became one of the Sisterhood’s principal sponsors in 2007 after observing Jo asleep at her desk after a particularly heavy training session! Jo is a passionate pianist and skier – although finds doing both things at the same time a challenge!

Sister Amanda Cherry left school with very little in the way of personality or talent, at the tender age of 19 Amanda found inspiration whilst teaching “Vodka as a foreign language” to the bemused natives of the sub Saharan desert. On her return she missed her calling as a singer, she somewhat surprisingly got a job, and then miraculously got a really good job heading up HR at a hedge fund.

Sister Anna-Louise (known to her friends as A-L) Felstead is a reportage artist who draws and paints on location. She studied Graphic Design at Central St Martins, gaining an MA at the Royal Collage of Art in 2003. She has been known to draw backstage at London Fashion Week, Crufts, The Dubai World Cup, Monaco Grand Prix and many others. Her most recent exhibition was Glamourous London Restaurants where she spent time in the West End painting people dining in places such as Zuma, The Ivy and Cipriani. She has recently taking up racing vintage classic cars and is in training for the Historique Monaco Grand Prix (for vintage cars)! She’s also got the coolest gallery in Port Isaac, Cornwall!

Sister Caroline Searle (AKA Searlo) is also a convert to ‘going forwards’. She is an ex Manchester Uni and Parrs Priory rower but is known to like a bit of rough and tumble of the rugby variety. She is a big rugby fan – so much so that her boyfriend even looks a bit like Lawrence Dallaglio! She ski’s, plays tennis and has recently returned to ‘going backwards’ with surf boat rowing! When not being sporty she is a Marketing and PR consultant and has PR’ed everything from Domestos to Barcardi Rum, Lynx aftershave and designer dildos! She is now heading up the ‘international’ growth of The Sisterhood with our Dubai branch!


Sister Georgie Sayle was a Jerry Maguire in the making but recently gave it up and left Arsenal FC once she realised that the expression ‘you can take the monkey out of the tree, but you can’t take the tree out of the monkey’ really is true in the world of football, and she is just way too classy for all of that! Georgie is superhuman when it comes to food, managing to keep her supermodel shape whilst consuming entire packs of weetabix and kilo bags of pasta in one sitting and repeating the whole process an hour later! Legendary.

Titus-Powell-Shoot-2010Sister Lora Elliot aka DJ Lora- Growing up the daughter of a multi-talented father who can list Olympic swimmer, stuntman, feature film star, crooner and jazz pianist on his CV and a model mother, it was an odds on bet that DJ Lora would follow the family tradition into showbusiness. Science and maths were never her strengths, instead she won the school trophy for ‘Biggest Contributor to the Arts’ and wrote plays and banged on the drums for fun.DJ Lora is now an internationally renowned artist and Europes top female DJ, who has performed in all corners of the globe, from London and Hong Kong to Spain and Brazil, Oslo to Miami and France to India. Now based in London, where she holds residencies at three prestigious private members’ clubs, and has supported stars including Eric Clapton, the Black Eyed Peas, Jamie Cullum and Razorlight at private events. For 2011 she is exclusively signed for the Formula 1 circuit race after parties. Her main claim to fame however is dj’ing the monthly sisterhood parties at The Wellington Club

Sister Camilla Slater is a perfectionist and has a body to die for! She is a girl in search of ‘balance’ and will gladly outdance and out party anything in her path for 3 days solid in Ibiza then the next 3 days clinging to the side of a mountain. She does not sleep – merely slows down. She was born and raised in the Afrikaans Heartland of South Africa where ‘no’ and ‘I can’t’ are not recognised dialects and pain is a French word for bread. Hence, this girl has stamina and determination wherever it is required. On hearing of paddling the Channel to France she thought “no crocodiles, no car jackers, no bother!”


Sister Antonia (Toe) Bothner is a qualified accountant, but maintains she is not your average bean counter! She comes from a set of quadruplets, one of the first in South Africa, thus hit fame at an early age! Work has taken her to some interesting places like Tokyo, back to South Africa and now London. When not working, coming from a family of 3 brothers, she loves most sport and knows what it’s like to be part of a team. Toe is also lucky to be alive having been fortunate to survive the Tsunami while vacating in Kho Phi Phi in Thailand. Her philosophy since then is that life is too short not to do crazy challenging things. It is only by doing them that you feel truly alive!

Sister Bean Sopwith is a top British Freeclimber and all round adventurer. She has climbed full time in some of the world’s top destinations and is a climbing advisor on a number of TV shows. She starred in ITV’s prime time programme Jack Osbourne: Adreneline Junkie 2 where she teamed up with Jack Osbourne (son of rock god Ozzy Osbourne) in pursuit of non stop Adventure. This girl could seriously teach Spiderman a thing or two!

Sister Alicia Fox-Pitt is on her way to fulfilling her dream to becoming a vet with postgraduate degree in Veterinary medicine. Outside of studies its a tight balance between 3 day eventing and private tutoring – the latter fuelled by an MA in psycology from Edinburgh University. Alicia is a keen adventure sportswoman with marathons, expeditions and horse races under her belt. Luckily we have not one, but two Fox-Pitts in The Sisterhood, and her sister Laurella keeps a watchful eye on her!

Sister Laurella Fox-Pitt is an actress who has worked in theatre and on films, such as the 2006 movie Stormbreaker. She has an incredibly sexy voice and can currently be heard as the sultry voice behind the latest Dettol advert! She is an excellent horse rider, representing Great Britain from 1994 – 1996 and continues to ride on a regular basis. Languages are another important part of her life and having grown up abroad speaks French and Italian fluently. Most importantly she is Alicia’s big sis!


Sister Bella Malim is a figurative painter, trained at The Heatherley School of Fine Art. Over the last year she has exhibited with the Royal Portrait Society and as part of the Notting Hill Arts Festival. She was recently awarded a young artist prize from the Royal Instiute of Oil Painters. She is an ex-model (albiet not very successful one,) and reached the dizzying hights of catalogue modelling, mostly pyjamas. Bella has recently ‘done a Britney’ and is now sporting the most asymmetric haircut this side of the 80’s. She believes it makes her more streamlined, but infact she just ends up going round in circles! She has set pizza eating records which will remain in place for a very long time!

Sister Donna Sefton (aka Kebab) is an expert in the field of retail. Not only does she enjoy tripping down the Kings Road spending her hard earned pennies on things she doesn’t really need, but she also helps retail giant ASDA find the right locations in her job as a retail surveyor . She is the Sisterhood’s token Welsh contingent, having grown up near Tenby, Pembrokeshire, and as such loves the banter/abuse she gets from her fellow Sisters! Donna has represented Wales in womens rugby, as part of the U19’s squad in 1998 and is a seasoned egg and spooner – she cleaned up in Primary School but then her cleavage grew to big! Nowadays, she can be found spearheading the drinking games at social gatherings, telling horrendously bad jokes and making up excuses why she can’t go training. Donna doesn’t travel anywhere without her hair straightners and a sturdy sports bra. Who’s coat is that jacket?

Jojo Henderson

Sister Jojo Henderson is seeking to add to an already impressive CV of sporting and entertainment achievements by undertaking epic challenges with The Sisterhood. A nationally-ranked track and field athlete in her youth where she could often be found imparting training tips to Fatima Whitbread, Jojo gave up the chance of Olympic gold to pursue her love of Shakespeare and the silver screen. Film and TV credits followed, including a celebrated stint as ‘Helga’, the Nescafe girl of eastern Europe. After winning The Fear Factor in Argentina and embarking on a cross-continental ski, surf and safari expedition, Jojo is currently redesigning a piedàterre on Park Lane by day, and by night single-handedly keeping Maggie’s solvent. The man from Del Monte…he say yes!

Sister Laeony Jones appeared ‘through the round window’ in Playschool at the age of 7 and was expelled from the ever-so-alternative-and-edgy Rudolf Steiner School ‘for disagreeing’, and since then has created a unique path through life. With a First Class Degree in Dance with Visual Arts & Film and a training from the Laban Centre of Contemporary Dance. Laeony spent 8 years moving through the spectrum of production, costume and art departments within the world of TV and Film, which included luminary productions such as Footballers Wives and Steps Promos before waking up to her senses and commuter-frustrated body and getting back to her roots by training as a professional Pilates teacher.

Sister Laura Flegg – Fresh from completing a Masters in TV documentary-making/advanced video camera work, young Laura’s current career see’s her making cutting edge documentary’s about the planets, rocks and the natural world…just have a look at the History Channel or National Geographic and there you have it! A North Devon Cross Country Champion and one time young Olympic prospect for 400m hurdles, young Laura discovered boys and gave it all up! That said, she led the team on the recent ‘Dirty Double Adventure Race’ proving that muscle memory for running through fields and muddy bogs lasts longer than snogging muddy boys in fields and bogs!

Sister Louisa Yates – Having grown up in a Rugby league town Louisa was converted to playing the more sophisticated game of rugby union at university, continuing to play afterwards for Wasps Ladies until she decided that it was far too unladylike and she would rather play with the rugby men. Under the influence of The Sisterhood she has also discovered that water isn’t just something for jumping into for cooling down in the sun its there to be paddled on and swum across and that saying no to a challenge doesn’t work… you end up doing it anyway. By day Louisa pretends to know stuff about drugs for a pharmaceutical company, and in the night time has been known to wear wigs and not much else!

Sister Claire Brady is a sassy redhead famed among City Hash House Harriers for digging into her wig collection and morphing into blonde, brunette and even Uma Thurman guises. But her true colours are all the shades of green, having promoted environmental causes all her life including staring down rhino’s on safari in Africa. Claire works to improve the lot of less advantaged folk by promoting credit unions and is a life-long scholar in what makes us human animals tick, with degrees in psychology and human ecology. Although Irish in ancestry and a Scouser by birth, Claire beguiled so many during her decade in Edinburgh that she was once listed as Scotland’s 10th “Most Eligible” woman in Spectrum magazine’s annual list.

Sister Jane Barclay works for a multi million pound booze company that happily supplies some of the finest wines from around the world! Not able to stomach a hangover herself she does everything in moderation and style. Nicknamed ‘Chewy’ its not for her hairstuteness, but rather because if you add a y to her surname – that’s what it spells (although she does do a very good Chewbacca impression!) Having been a rower for years she missed the lure of dragon boating but can now be seen in the surf boat doing what she enjoys most…combining sport and being on a beach!

Sister Gaby Stevenson has taken up the challenge of the Bosphorus Swim from Asia to Europe and can regularly be found training with the ducks in the Serpentine! Born on the sunny Sussex Coast, the Istanbul swim will be a home from home as she is used to plunging headlong into the British briney! She is currently sitting the infamous CFA exams…so she will soon be taking on Warren Buffet with her financial acumen!

Sister Stevie Tate Bauer has spent most of her life “prancing” around the stage as a professional West End actress. When she’s not being ‘witchy’ in Wicked, or ‘bitchy’ in Grease, she kicks off her dancing shoes and joins in with the crazy antics of The Sisterhood! As an experienced multi sport athlete, her biggest accolade was winning all disciplines at the schools sports day – at the age of 4! (It’s got to count for something?!) Always having an adventurous, competitive and cheeky streak, she’s up for any muddy challenge! Bring it on!


Sister Kezia Jones studied at LCF and has a creative flair, eye for detail and is a bit of a perfectionist. Having felt the call of the wild and set off on her travels around the globe she has taken up many adventurous activities that crossed her path; from breaking ice in winter to go wakeboarding to cycling all the way to Paris from London (a paltry 450km). But fear not, this part time Lara Croft has also done her time at the corporate coalface; from being an on board fitness director on a Disney cruise liner in the Caribbean (life is tough!) to a assistant director in the TV and film industry, her talents know no bounds!

Sister Suzanne Judd brings No.1 brands to life for a multi-million pound soft drinks company – a fresh change to an extremely booze-led career marketing some of worlds No.1 beers and spirits. When she’s not immersing herself in liquids, including a penchant for fine wines, she’s probably eating cheese – ‘both together’ being the most ideal scenario. As a result she balances this with trekking, marathons, sculpting, zorbing and is generally game for a laugh. She’s quite loud for a little’un so you can probably hear her from where you are – a useful skill to have in the jungle!

Sister Susan Glenny is a girl of hidden talents. Before becoming the current Head of Marketing for Sanofi Aventis UK, Sister Sewage/Glenda/McGlen has a past that includes being a top “DJ’ess”! She was ahead of the curve when it came to female DJ’s, mixing garage and house….and not coming up with a 2 bed semi in Oxfordshire! Miss Glenny has also recently found fame in her companies marketing videos and clearly should be in film! There is nothing Glenda won’t get involved in, when the challenge to paddle down the Amazon came up – she was there like a shot…so were her high heels…she is NEVER seen with a flat shoe on!

Sister Fiona Burke left her hometown of Dublin for the bright lights of London in 1998 with a raft of very big qualifications under her belt, and joined BP’s graduate programme (they had the shortest application form of all the big blue chips). Becoming addicted to trading floor life, she now manages the corporation’s currency exposure and handles vast amounts of money with lots of zeros at the end of them! But overalls and oil rigs just aren’t her thing, darling and city slicker Fi prefers to dabble in a variety of sports, from hockey and tennis to her latest sport, dragon-boating…Unable to say ‘no’, she now turns up every Monday night come rain, shine, or whatever crisis the worldwide currencies go through!

Sister Nikki Ledger was born and bred on the Thames, so the river is her second home! Having rowed for Great Britain for 8 years, the early mornings, classy calused hands and maxi weight lifting sessions are now a thing of the past, and she took up white water kayaking, and knitting (tricky to do at the same time!). But the call of the mighty Thames proved too much, and Nikki has joined The Sisterhood to return to the flat water and take up the helm (geddit) of Dragon Boating! She has a dream job as a sports marketing no pressure Ledge..get working on those contacts of yours to sponsor us!!

Sister Julia Kendrick is another sister who swapped a history of blades and blisters for the lure of the rugby pitch, gaining a Blue for Oxford in the process. She now combines the street fighting skills she acquired in the scrum with the mind games she learned from her degree in Experimental Psychology to ensure she wins in court. When not feigning respectability in her wig and gown she loves anything active, from jive and tango to skiing, surfing and tennis and is even keen to return to sailing despite encountering a tornado in a one-man dinghy… Renowned for burning the candle at both ends whilst blow-torching it in the middle, Julia is a recent convert to triathlons, dodgeball and paddling with the Sisterhood, yet still finds the time and energy to party hard!

Sister Casey Bell is the token Aussie of the group. She spent her childhood riding motorbikes and chasing kangaroos and snakes through the bush, surviving the outback to go on to represent Queensland in Netball, 400m sprints and swimming. She left Brisbane 4 years ago to seek new adventures in the bright lights of London. Risk underwriting has always tickled her fancy and she works as a Credit Analyst for China Export Finance Ltd by day, and party animal by night. When she’s not dibble dabbling in money and insurance, she loves nothing more than to travel off the beaten track, learn languages (currently Mandarin) party with the best until the wee hours of the morning and shop, shop, shop! Having completed the Great River Race, she is thirsty for more adventure!

Sister Liz McClarnon is one third of Britain’s biggest girl band Atomic Kitten and has travelled the world on sell out tours, has countless awards and number 1 singles and albums under her belt and sold 10 million records globally. Since her early Atomic Kitten days, Liz has effortlessly made the leap from starlet to superstar, been schmoozed by Hollywood hotshots and partied with pop royalty. Since then Liz has been busy in the studio writing great song after great song. Her debut album was released in 2009. In July 2008 Liz swapped her microphone for an apron, as she took part in the new BBC 1 prime time, series of
Celebrity Masterchef where she triumphed in being crowned Celebrity Masterchef winner. Heat Magazine have described her as ‘truly beautiful’, Glamour Magazine say she’s ‘always perfectly dressed’ whilst we at The Sisterhood say ‘yeah shes ok, but can she paddle?’!


Sister Emma Stonier is a keen horse rider and is now alternating her saddle for a paddle as a new convert to The Sisterhood’s dragonboat team. After graduating with a First in Media and Communications from Loughborough University, Emma cut her teeth in the world of PR with six years at top level consumer agencies before taking the jump to go out on her own. In 2009 she set up Driven Communications and now spends her time running PR, marketing and sponsorship campaigns for racing drivers, teams and circuits. She now spends most weekends watching every racing championship known to man as she follows the fortunes of her merry band of clients. If you’re in the Surbiton area, she’s the tall one with her laptop and iPhone doing her work on the riverbank.


Sister Rebecca Banks is the sisterhood’s newest resident PR queen.  Bex has run her company, Captivate Communications for over seven years during which time she has delivered numerous high profile PR campaigns within the sports and entertainment worlds.  Bex is also a regular contributor to consumer lifestyle press as a freelance journalist and has had the fortune of interviewing some of the biggest names in the entertainment industry.  Rumour has it that on a recent shoot Bex brewed McFly the best cuppa they’ve ever had, which is no mean feat!  A truly passionate music fan, when she’s not interviewing the next up and coming star or learning burlesque moves for a magazine feature, Bex can be found in the front row dancing and singing along to the latest West End Show or music concert.


Sister Amy Mansell is the owner of the successful sports marketing and entertainment consultancy; MSM.  When she’s not working with high profile clients including Vodafone, TUI and the Saracens rugby team, she can be found taking part in a killer boot camp class or pounding the streets of Fulham looking for another fabulous outfit.  A constantly busy bee, Amy spends many a day travelling to glamorous places across the world with her clients, and counts Heathrow Airport as a second home.  Yet this down to earth blonde is never happier than curled up on her couch in her trackies with a nice cup of tea and good gossip with friends.

Sister Nats Sisson is very mixed up – she is half kiwi and a quarter Brit and German. Aka ‘Buffy’ from her body sculpting days, she won the regional Body Sculpting Championships in NZ on her first attempt and went on to compete in the Nationals. She’s now taken to chasing plastic discs around the place with her passion for Ultimate Frisbee and is competing at World Club level. Natalie adores travelling and is soon to leave our shores of Blighty and head for the Canadian wilderness to see what life is on the other side of the pond! Career highlights include modelling, TV presenting and more recently marketing and communications. She is currently to be found in Canada pursuing more extreme adventures and moose wrestling!

Sister Lucy Egerton is the latest Steven Spielberg in the making and is currently flying all over the world in her pursuit of the perfecting the art of filmaking!

Sister Nikki Cooper is a corporate lawyer educated to a degree level….but unfortunately missed the class on common sense. With her penchant for dancing and cocktails she has been more likened to Ally McBeal than to Cherie Blair and is still dreaming of one day waking up as Beyonce. Nikki has joined the Sisterhood to channel her insatiable appetite for running for the good of others and looks forward to the new adventures of paddling. With a competitive streak that would rival Monica’s, her mantra is that of the wise Ricky Bobby “if you’re not first, you’re last”.

Sister Nikki Moore is also known as ‘Gadget Girl’ and is a technology writer and presenter. She is the gadget girl on BBC2 ‘Something for the Weekend’ has a weekly gadget slot on Talk Radio Europe and BBC radio and a weekly column in the Metro. She has also appeared on Al Jazeera news as their technology expert. Other work includes working with WISE (women into science and engineering) encouraging young women to get more involved in technology. When shes not being a total geek her drinking ability honed ‘oop north’ means she can drink any alpha male under the table at pace.

Sister Kirsty Williams is another South African and has always been up for a physical challenge. From Bikram to Capoeira (they sound like cocktails rather than exercise!) she always finds something to keep her body busy. She works as a physio in leading private hospitals in london and is also currently involved in setting up a school for kids with special needs in Chelsea. In her free time you’ll either find her somewhere on the Kings Road looking for new party dress or planning her next adventure to another far flung exotic destination!

Sister Lucy Barry is the Jewish princess of the group and a recording artiste in the making. Luce performs under the name The Lucinda Belle Orchestra and happily soaked up her classical beginnings as a
harpist and singer before choosing to change the course of her journey by swapping english churches and stiff concerts for open mic nights and jazz clubs. Her first album ‘My Voice and my 45 Strings’ is out November 2009. The sophistication and flamboyance in her personality is clearly evident in her music as is her down to earth quality. When she is not on a stage with her orchestra or soaking up latin american influences in S America where she visits frequently, she can be found sitting in her launderette (a family
heirloom) having a chat and a cup of tea or outdoors practicing her breastroke in the Serpentine.

Sister Michelle Hawkins is always doing something unconventional and ever so slightly odd. Never one to conform, she relishes new challenges and has a CV as diverse as Clapham corner shop; from qualified masseuse to teacher of French and Spanish and a certified Wino to fashion designer in the making… During the day she’s a Marketing Manager for a Cancer Charity, in her spare time, she dabbles in wine marketing and in the evenings she’ll always be found talking loudly with a large glass of grape juice in her hand.

Sister Belinda Blomfield’s day job at a ‘romance publishers’ sees her reading sexy books all day long and choosing hunky models for the covers. Excitingly she is soon appearing on a book cover for a new bodice-ripper (which will feature her from the neck downwards). When not swotting up on suitable Alpha male heroes, Belinda can be found swimming, writing, eating and trying to find a piece of London big enough to grow something on. She comes from an ostrich farm in the Eastern Cape in South Africa but is yet to have success in rearing them in her Fulham flat.

Sister Alice Hobden is a Mermaid. Not only is she a PADI Divemaster and a Commercial Diver in her spare time but her actual job is an Underwater camera assistant in the film industry! Some of her credits include “Mamma Mia” “Harry Potter 1,4 and 6″ “Batman Begins” and “Johnny English” (a classic!). Not content with life above the waves she has been learning to sail over the last year and has managed to stow away on a few occasions for some races off the Isle of Wight. She’s also got a horse but we are not entirely sure how she manages to get the Mermaid tail onto the saddle!

Sister Lucinda Davies is a fully qualified PGA Pro! Selected for the England Regional training squad at 15 she went on a full golfing scholarship to Western Carolina University in the US of A where she studied a degree in Sport Management. However she soon found out about University of Birmingham’s unique degree ‘Applied Golf Management Studies’ (acknowledged in the Sunday Times and Guardian for its mickey mouse status) and achieved a 2:1. Following uni she became the first female golf pro in Egypt at Taba Heights Golf Resort. Now coaching back in the UK, Lucinda is based at Royal Mid-Surrey Golf Club in Richmond, where The Sisterhood receive its golf tuition and according to our Luce are by far the funniest and liveliest golf beginners she’s ever had (not to mention full of great golfing potential)! Four ball anyone?

Sister Karina Borg Olivier has just returned from seven year stint in sunny Sydney where she tried out every sport known to man and had the hardship of training on Bondi Beach everyday (tough call!). Karina is a marketing genius and her work CV reads like a ‘Who’s Who’ of the corporate giant world! Not content with winning awards for various companies, she has also successfully set up and sold a number of her own companies. She runs a consultancy company called Think Urban Group. Fortunately for the Sisterhood she is also an outdoorsy sporty gal that relishes a challenge and loves a good night out and a boogie. Perfect qualities for any Sister!


Sister Elizabeth Cowpergrew up in Richmond where she spent much of her childhood in ice skates, on the river in a dinghy or swimming for Richmond Ladies.  It didn’t stop there and her love for snow/ice/water activitiesexpanded to racing bigger boats on the Solent and skiing.  When she’s not being the action girl, she works as UK HR Director for a global luxury brand company.  She is a party girl who can always find the energy for some serious fun and feels slightly anxious if she hasn’t got a flight booked somewhere for her next adventure.

Biker 2009 001[1]

Sister Maly Sayle the mothership refused to just be a spectator when watching her daughters nailing every mountain, river and ocean they could find.  On being being replaced by an uglier younger polish model instead of having meltdown she donned new running shoes, a bike and an ipod with dolly partons finest on, threw the wedding ring in the thames and has been part of the sisterhood winning venice and great river race crews.  She can also drink most of the hood members under the table and has been grounded several times by her offspring

Posen dress

Sister Becky Evans-Jones is a flame-haired doctor and a recent convert to the world of paddles. Undecided as to whether she’s more at home on Bond street or the African bush, she has been known to trek through jungle and desert  with a backpack filled almost entirely with shoes. Her perfectly groomed exterior belies a strong desire to cast off her louboutins and shack up in a straw-roofed rondavel as a bare foot obstetrician. She cannot lay claim to anykind of sporting pedigree or talent, but has boundless enthusiasm for discovering new physical endeavours and is always on the lookout for an exciting challenge or adventure. But as ambitious and driven as she is away from the sporting arena, a certain lack of athletic prowess means she has been forced to accept that sometimes it really is just the taking part that counts.

Photo 44

Sister Kitty Buchanan-Gregory joined The Sisterhood after her application to the Women’s Institute was turned down. A recent convert to ‘rowing forwards’ she still gets overly competitive near other boats and has a penchant for men in very tight lycra. Ex media darling Kitty worked for Maxim, Heat, The Times, The Telegraph, and Jilly Cooper’s equestrian bible ‘Horse and Hound’. After dabbling in PR for Stella McCartney she’s now turned her sights on the City and helps broker private equity deals and company buy-outs. In her spare time she runs marathons, is learning to fence and photographs handsome polo players. Kitty is currently working on her strawberry jam.


Sister Emma DG arrived at a bootcamp on Eel Brook Common back in 2009 with a twinkle in her eye and a thirst for adventure.After a stint in Japan , moulding toddlers into the next set of adventure racing loonies and intimidating Sumo wrestlers she came back to the UK in search of the next challenge. She came up trumps and joined the intrepid Hoods on a leisurely stroll through the Costa Rican jungle. A dark horse on first meeting DG initially fooled most at her serious, private equity job that she was a quiet, elegant young thing but the endless ‘Hood related fancy dress deliveries from Amazon gave her away. ‘Do you wear normal clothes at weekends?’ is a question often asked and the answer is more often than not no.When not channelling a Roman, a Red Indian or gypsy bride she will be found head to toe in lycra and thermal underwear, covered in freezing mud, climbing up cliffsides and bombing over assault courses and definitely wouldn’t have it any other way. Can anyone get her a pony with that omelette?


Sister Noémie Deed is a surveyor for one of the world’s leading real estate firms. Having grown up in an Army family she spent most of her childhood living abroad in places such as India, Bermuda and Germany. She is half French and recently came back from a stint working in Paris. Having spent some time in the TA, Noémie is not afraid of a bit of cold, mud, rain or lack of sleep and is up for any challenge thrown at her. She has a penchant for triathlons and keeps signing up for more in an attempt to beat her PB. When she’s not competing in triathlons herself she can be found trying to convince everyone else that they are a good idea…she’s already succeeded in convincing her all her brothers and sisters. Maybe one day someone will be able to convince her that Ironman is a good idea

n788735183_4387606_5799Sister Heather Geluk– When not working on global finance transform projects or helping to develop scripts for Hollywood blockbusters, Heather actively fosters her affinity for lipgloss and lycra.  She recently cycled 700kms across northern Tanzania and then 7,455 kms from west to east across Canada. Not content with staying at sea level, our ‘diva in down’ then went on to assert her mountaineering prowess by climbing lofty peaks across the globe including Mera Peak, Mt. Aconcagua, Mt. Kilimanjaro and finally the notoriously difficult North East Ridge of Mt. Everest where she broke 4 ribs 7500m into her summit attempt… by coughing! She plans to head back to Everest in 2011 and will this time pack a yak load of throat lozenges.


Sister Nicola Adams– is a geoscientist rock chick who makes a living by finding oil and gas around the world for BP.  Just back froma 4 year stint in the US, the rest of the Hood is now trying to get rid of her Texas twang (y’all!) while she switchs gears to finding gas under the Jordanian desert as well as men in the bars of west london.  She has adventure raced all over Texas, Canada and the US


Sister Lizbeth Knight- After a somewhat curious upbringing (raised by wolves and fed on bayleaves) , elizabeth decided to break out and rebrand her otherwise uneducated self as a peroxide bimbo. She hot footed it to Daganham, bought her first pair of heels and decided to bag herself a part in ‘The only way is Essex’.  Sadly this failed so she settled for an erotic thriller movie (on line release only).  But this sort of mini set back does not deter the otherwise steel application and genuine sincerity of such a home counties gem .  Having relocated to sunny Brixton and developed her very own sense of ‘ghetto chic’ Elizabeth is never happier than when consuming large quantities of White Lightning on the steps of the town hall hoping to get ‘grabbed’ by a pikey.


Sister Em Ford- From her sheltered upbringing on the Apple Isle known as Tasmania, Emily underwent drastic and extensive surgery to have her second head removed, so she could live on the civilised ‘mainland’ of Australia. During a stint as a trolley dolly over the Perth skies,  Emily discovered her true passion was for dance poles, sparkly hot pants and platform shoes. As much as she hates to admit, she followed a boy overseas and now bases her dance school, Contours Pole from North London. When she isn’t eating her weight in muesli bars, Emily spends most of her time figuring out new ways to get her legs to stretch over her head, and yelling at people, ‘point your toes!’


Sister Cat Markwell left school at 16 and after realising the designer wardrobe wouldn’t fill itself, promptly embarked on a career in Finance. Now a VP at a top US Investment bank, she has a shoe and handbag collection with it’s own insurance policy. When Cat’s not analysing market volatility she can be found propping up posh bars in the Square Mile or indulging in her new found hobbies, Scuba Diving and Paddling. Cat has been single for so long her friends call her Bridget, but is hoping this will change with dedicated attendance at the Sisterhood’s legendary parties


Sister Gina Moore grew up by the chilly waters of Britain’s south coast before moving to the warmer climes of Gran Canaria for a stint marketing cars and managing petrol stations. This little island became too small for this party princess so she upped sticks to London becoming a glamorous Private PA to the jet set. Flying all over the world accumulating airmiles, shoes and an enviable fancy dress collection, she is a little more inclined to sunbathe by the Bosphorus rather than swim across it.  But swim across it she has – her proudest sporting achievement since being picked for the Dorset under 12’s squash team. Although horse riding, yoga and splashing around in, on or under the sea have always been a love of hers, Gina is rallying all her chutzpa to be as wildly sporty as her fellow sisters…in between buying more shoes
and keeping that party princess tiara shining

Annie Procter Profile Pic

Sister Annie Proctor having obtained a degree in Philosophy and then a Masters degree in Property Appraisal whilst working in Mayfair and Belgravia, swanning around nice houses and shops Annie decided that cash flows and luxury property were no longer her bag and set up her own company selling beautiful home accessories (Florence & Florence). Annie decided to take up dragon-boating after breaking free from a life of netball and  quickly realising that the hood is on the fast track to ruling the world so she better get on board. Pivoting on one foot, marking and dodging have happily been replaced with paddling down the river and getting sporadically soaked glass of wine in hand