The Sisterhood

Charity and sisterhood

The Sponsors

Our missions happen because the most incredible people get behind us and have believe in us. We are so very grateful andlove working with you.  Thank you, thank you, thank you from all of us

2012 Sponsors

In SA: 


Our superior quality lenses are treated to reduce  glare off water, sand, road and snow- in other words it eliminates  all the bad stuff- giving you a clearer, brighter view and in turn  providing the best protection. Glider gives you the perfect combination  of quality lenses, technical advancements and the very latest styles  from the fashion capitals around the globe. So whether you are  launching your jetski off Bondi Beach, cycling up Chapman’s Peak  or simply taking in the last few rays of a perfect Miami sunset,  Glider with make sure your view is polarized to perfection.



Our philosophy as a business has always been to be out of the ordinary. As a group of ‘ordinary girls doing extraordinary things’, the Sisterhood shares this philosophy. Investec Asset Management is proud to sponsor them both in their physical challenges and in their quest to raise funds to help the most vulnerable members of our society through Malamulele Onwards.

3.   Martinographics Printing and Simon Martin

Martingraphix provides design, signage, repro and print services in Cape Town South Africa.

4.Ooh la la clothing

Active wear that’s also attractive wear? Ooh la la!

It’s become a kind of modern mantra: ‘when you look good, you feel good’. And it’s so true. Your personality shines, your confidence stretches, your enthusiasm sprints ahead. It’s this positive thinking that has inspired Ooh la la, a range of performance apparel designed exclusively for athletic, on-the-go women. Sleek and chic, Ooh la la combines functionality with fashion.Whether you’re waiting at 5am for the gym to open, practicing yoga, running at boot camp, or exploring the outdoors, there’s joy in your work out. Our designers are passionate about taking that experience to the maximum.

But they also have a forward-looking eye for fashion. Using a mix of hi-tech fabrics, precision fitting and stitches of style,Ooh la la creates gear you simply won’t find anywhere else. The result? You’ll love being on the move. And you’ll love yourself even more. Ooh la la. To me, with love


2011 Sponsors

Print tells you more about people, businesses & places in the UK than any other directory. More than just directory enquiries, lists full names, addresses, age guides, property prices, aerial photos, company & director reports, family records, & much more!


Sweaty Betty –


SpireLife Ltd – bespoke cutting edge personal training company providing the hood with bespoke training sessions and toned to perfection physiques

2010 Sponsors


Sweaty Betty – once again Sweaty Betty have provided the hood with technical kit for all our races ensuring that we look hot and feminine!


SpireLife Ltd – bespoke cutting edge personal training company providing the hood with bespoke training sessions and toned to perfection physiques

2009 Sponsors

Sweaty Betty

We love Sweaty Betty and all their lovely kit, so we are delighted that they have chosen to work with The Sisterhood as ambassadors for their brand. We will be ‘test driving’ their clothes and helping them spread the Sweaty Betty word!

2008 Sponsors

Collins Stewart

Collins Stewart became our title event sponsor early in 2007. They are the largest offshore stockbroker and specialise in stockbroking and investment management services.   Their sense of fun and their desire to get behind the spirit with which we attack our missions (be they social or physical!) has been awesome.  Without their financial support none of this would be happening.  We also had the pleasure of taking part in the Jersey Dragon Boat Regatta… where we spectacularly crashed!

Aspect Capital

Aspect Capital is a quantitative hedge fund based in London managing assets from a global institutional investor base.   Aspect was established in 1997 and has launched a range of quantitative programmes across multiple asset classes including managed futures, fixed income, currencies, European and Japanese equities as well as a multi-strategy programme.  Their Head of HR is Sisterhood star and now mum-to-be Amanda Cherry!


Being very feminine girls we are delighted that fashion label Qveen have sponsored the Sisters. Morton from Qveen is also the techno brains behind this website too… so any spelling mistakes…blame him!! Check out the beautiful silk Qveen dresses that the Sisterhood all wore to their launch party last year.  Qveen can be found at 132 Ebury Street, London, SW1W9QQ

2007 Sponsors


Scion Films has produced, co-produced and/or provided financial backing for some of the most creatively rewarding, critically acclaimed and commercially successful films of recent years. They often partner the likes of Universal, Focus and Miramax and have recently had huge success with United 93, The Constant Gardener and Atonement. They also employ Sister Jo Rogers!

As well as providing crucial financial backing, Scion have used their contacts to provide a walk on parts for our charity auctions and done charity screenings for our charities – how cool is that?


EDS provides a broad portfolio of business and technology solutions to help its clients worldwide improve their business performance. Charles E Cox (Regional Vice President, MEA and UKCG&T of EDS) has got behind our crazy capers and has been incredibly generous, on behalf of EDS, in supporting our cross channel mission and charity fundraising efforts.  He obviously has great taste as he also employs Sister Lisa Marriage!



The electronic print and media company, Pindar, may not be a name you know but you no doubt use some of their products as they are leading experts in catalogue printing and production. Clients include Argos, Avon and Yellow Pages.  Andrew Pindar (Chairman) is renowned for his support of professional sailors so the girls were delighted when he agreed to support our Channel crossing by providing his 116ft ex-fishing trawler (now used to support their sailing team and as a platform for corporate entertaining). The Hatherleigh will be our cross channel support vessel and we are desperately hoping that we won’t need to utilise her onboard crane!


Nookie are the coolest company we know! Suppliers of technical and leisure wear for the water-sports industry, specialising in canoeing and kayaking, they were the perfect product partner to back our little paddle across the Channel. The Sisters love the sexy kit and the fact that it won’t give us any chafe as it is designed for paddlers is a real bonus!

Mike at Nineteen Creative

Mike has gone beyond the call of duty in his work on the design of our logos for both 2007 and 2008. We probably drove him crazy with our requests but the end product is exceptional. He is a truly talented designer and we can highly recommend him!

G. H. Mumm Champagne

Thanks go to Mumm for supplying Champagne for our sponsors reception and for our post race ‘champagne spraying moments’ on the beach when we reached France and the post race party.


Maui Jim Sunglasses were born on the Hawaiian Island of Maui and have remained a very family orientated company ever since. Paddling the Channel will be very harsh on the eyes so it is important to have the very best polarized sunglasses for protection, comfort and visibility.  Maui Jim sunglasses are the choice of many top sailors for this reason so we are very fortunately to have them as a sponsor.  “We support Children’s Charities around the World and we are thrilled to offer a little support to the wonderful gals . They have agreed to, briefly, put down the Pimms and pick up a paddle! Marvellous.”

Atlas Flags and Banners Ltd, Plymouth

We love Colin at Atlas! Colin has been so generous.  He has produced vinyl stickers to make our boat look beautiful, not to mention very professional.  We really appreciated the speed at which he helped us out and the high quality of his work.  Thanks Colin

Quintin Boat Club

Thanks go to all at QBC who kindly donated space at their rowing club for us to keep our boat and kit. It was the perfect home for us, not least because the bar stocks great beer!